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Dome Magnifiers

Our popular dome magnifiers are ideal for forensic inspections, maps, contracts, negatives, fingerprints, documents, and other reading material!

A dome magnifier, also known as a hemispherical magnifier, is a light gathering magnifier that is uniquely shaped in a half circle. They are constructed from pressure formed and polished solid acrylic. This provides distortion-free pre focused 3x-4x magnifying power, depending on model chosen. (see below) The unique design allows these dome magnifiers to glides effortlessly across a smooth reading surface and makes reading small print a pleasure; because they are pre-focused you simply place the magnifier directly on the item to be viewed. Their design allows ambient light to be drawn in from all sides and naturally illuminates your magnification surface, making the dome magnifier the perfect optical tool for enhanced reading of magazines, newspapers, maps, contracts, architecture plans and other reading material. The magnifying glass is self-focusing to provide superlative image clarity.

Dome magnifiers illuminate with an innovative light gathering designed precision lens that focuses light from the sides to the center making the area they are magnifying naturally brighter. Glide this magnifier effortlessly across any surface for strain-free enlargement of fine print. They also work well as a functional and stylish paperweight. All dome magnifier models include polishing storage pouch.

3.5x magnification (3.5" Inch Forensic Dome Magnifier)
Add to Cart Price: $54.00 $42.99 - DM-3.5
Add to Cart Price: $37.99-8+ or more- DM-3.5

4x magnification (3" Inch Forensic Dome Magnifier
Add to Cart Price: $42.00 $31.99 - DM-3
Add to Cart Price:$26.99- 8+ or more - DM-3

4x magnification (2.5" Inch Forensic Dome Magnifier)
Add to Cart Price: $32.00 $24.99 - DM-2.5
Add to Cart Price: $20.99 -8+ or more DM-2.5

4x magnification (2" Inch Forensic Dome Magnifier)
Add to Cart Price: $19.99 $12.99 - DM-2
Add to Cart Price: $9.99 -8+ or more DM-2

Forensic Magnifiers
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